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Templay helps managers and their team to face complex decisions & challenges by advancing their business gameplay.

Facing Difficult & Complex Decisions or Challenges

No Time

  • No time to seat back.

  • No time to search for tools & technic relevant to our management and strategic challenges.

  • No time to have a deep conversation with trustful business peers.

  • No time to keep learning and improving our executive hedge.

We are buried deep in operational issues!

Nobody to Share in Confidence

  • We can't always share freely everything with our business partners:

    • ​They may not have the right expertise.

    • They may be part of the problem!

  • ​We may have a coach, but she does not have the relevant business expertise.

  • It's complicated to contract a consulting firm until we know clearly what we need and have set aside a significant budget for their mission.

  • Our usual business advisors, lawyers and accountants may be too narrowly focused or not neutral.

  • Our family and friends do not have the skills to help us.

We feel quite lonely to face those challenges!

Complex and Difficult Challenges

  • Maybe we are confronted by unique challenges:

    • ​Sell, buy or merge with a competitor.

    • Split or fire with some of our partners.

    • Resign and move to another company.

    • Our products and markets are not performing well, or on the contrary, we have to manage explosive growth.

    • We need to re-think in depth our business model.

    • etc.

  • ​We may be facing a strategic issue and our team is just not ready for it.

  • We need to improve our team's performance but we are not sure how to do it.


With whom can we share those issues in full trust?

No Time to keep Learning 

  • Read the relevant business books.

  • Listen to the interesting business podcasts.

  • Participate in good seminars.

  • Spend time following the best executives' training programs.

We have no time to invest into our management expertise growth!


Advance Your Business Gameplay

  • And if...

    • ​I could share my challenges with a business mentor that has the experience of being an actual manager and business owner?

    • That those exchanges could be done in absolute confidentiality and without any conflicts of interest?

    • That this mentor could build an accurate understanding of my specific business environment and challenges?

    • That I can brainstorm with my mentor anytime to stress test some of my ideas and generate new perspectives in complete confidence?

    • That my mentor has a practical experience in a wide spectrum of strategic thinking tools and technics that we can use to analyze and make decisions?

    • That I could sometime ask my mentor to design and drive some high-value and confidential research and analysis for me?

    • And that this mentor is solution-oriented and helps me to get unstuck fast!​​



About Yannick Bollati

French telecom engineer, Yannick Bollati began his career at IBM as a specialist in information systems and networks for exchanges and trading rooms. He made several visits to IBM laboratories in the United States. In 1995, he became head of a team of consultants in London working on multiple projects in ten European countries and set up one of the first internal collaborative information-sharing platforms for all his teams. In 1998, he joined Capco, a startup in the field of banking consulting, which grew from 10 to 800 people in 18 months and offices on three continents. Yannick is supporting this growth as a Partner. He recruits new teams, develops expertise in risk management, manages major transformation projects for banks and financial institutions, and leads several offshore development teams in India. All this in a very dynamic and multicultural international environment. From 2004 to 2007, Yannick was Managing Director of SF-Investments, a Belgian venture capital company investing in young technology companies. He was appointed CEO for two years of an Internet/Media company “web 2.0” in which SF-Investments is a shareholder. In 2008, Yannick Bollati founded Templay applied business efficiency, a consulting company entirely dedicated to the organization and strategy of corporate management teams. Since 2008, Yannick has been working as a consultant for large groups or SMEs, mainly in Belgium and France, to help managers and their organizations become more efficient. In 2018 Yannick also co-founded the company PHUSIS specialized in the implementation of collaborative and participative governance in large private and public companies. Passionate about his field, Yannick Bollati is also a regular speaker at conferences, seminars and webinars, focusing on the themes of efficiency and strategy of companies and their managers.

How Do We Work Together?

  • We begin with a rapid diagnosis of your needs and priorities.

  • You get a proposition of the right approach and some initial ideas on the next steps.

  • We sign a contract and confidentiality agreement.

  • We always keep full flexibility - your needs come first:

    • Online and/or on-site.

    • You decide how intense it needs to be.

    • You stop and start when you need.

​​...we also accept crypto as payments.

When is the right time start?

You are facing an urgent challenge?

  • Quick start.

  • Focus on rapid and pragmatic results.

You identify coming challenges and you need to get ready?

  • Identify key learning and development topics.

  • ​It's like having your personal MBA program at your pace and focused on your priorities.

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